Ber Collins


Ber Collins is the author of "Every Mum has Magic Kisses".  She has also been a columnist with four newspapers in the Republic of Ireland and is a regular contributor to local radio.  She is passionate about sharing the knowledge she has gained with as many people as possible. Having been through her own healing journey she discovered that the way to really make progress was working with her energy system. Her life has changed completely since she began to understand this system and how to take care of it. She has trained in many modalities and now shares what she has learned by working with groups as well as individuals helping them release old hurt and pain that has been getting in the way of them being truly happy. She loves teaching and treasures the feedback received “Ber, it is very obvious that you love what you do and that made the training so much more real and personal. Your own skills of listening, empathy and fun enhanced everything. It has been truly special.”